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Dear Sir,
We have long front garden.The problems we are facing is most of our roses are gone off with in week time.Do you think that this is cause by red ants we got in the soil? Or could you please advice us for the cure

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Hallo - do you mean the flowers have died, or have the rose bushes got problems?

25 Jul, 2008


It is very normal for roses not to last longer than a week, that on its own is already long. If you have a florabundi, just cut away the flowers which have finished, leave the others in the cluster. Usually they never open at the same time, so they can still open. But cutting roses for vases you are stimulating the growth of others. Count the leaves, they come outof the branch, at the 4th or 5th intersection, make the cut above that leaf. Here the new growth will appear, ususally with two or three branches, so spreading. If it is one single rose on a stem, cut it when opened or opening, again at the 4th or 5th twig. You can of course leave them on the bush but cut them again the way I said when then are bad or start losing their petals. Honestly, don't be afraid to cut roses, because it only makes them grow better! Roses need plenty of water and sunshine, if possible water underneath, as sometimes water on the roses might make them wilt, especially if you have dull days and they cannot dry up quick enough. I've had plenty of rose bushes and sprinklers in the garden, but in summer there was heaps of sun. Perhaps tell us what the actual situation is in your garden or even better, take a picture of the whole set up with your roses. Good luck, M.

26 Jul, 2008

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