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pear tree 2 years old,first fruit this hopefully,brown leaves at top of branches only why?




23 Jun, 2010


Question not easy to understand. If it applies to this time of the year and dry /hot and pear only 2 years old. Do not allow to fruit yet as too taxing for such a young tree. Same applies for tree in ground as in a pot. Find a way to deliver water direct to root without wasting it in evaporation. Best way is to take the base off the largest plastic drinks bottle you can find.......plenty discarded in hot weather, and upend it near the tree. Support with short canes if it wobbles when full. If it is drought, the tree will soon respond. All my miniature fruits have a bottle for some time ,as I sensed this would happen.

23 Jun, 2010


thanks.will give it a go

29 Jun, 2010

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