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Planted 4 in pots end Feb - 1 is 2/3 brown looks as if it has had it. Other 3 have lots of brown leaves. Watered daily, in sunny spots. Could it be that they don't like being in pots.

On plant Phyllostachys aurea



As long as they are big pots should be ok. I wouldn't water daily tho'. A good soaking once or twice a week allowing them to dry out in between is far better. They may have used up their composts food - so have you tried feeding them?

22 Jun, 2010


How big are the pots?

22 Jun, 2010


Push a bbq wooden skewer into the growing medium down to the roots and leave it for five minutes. Remove the skewer, if its damp/wet don't water, if it's dry water. Never fertilise onto dry compost - thoroughly water first and wait 20 mins before feeding.

22 Jun, 2010



22 Jun, 2010

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