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Ficus carica (Brown Turkey)

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have purchased a 6 foot Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' that is going to fruit it will be delivered in a 10ltr pot what size do I need to transfer into and when. Are these best grown in a pot or in the ground with a barrier to restrict root growth? Will this produce better fruit than if left un-restricted.

On plant Ficus carica



Doesn't need root restriction, and will do well in the ground, preferably against a warm, south facing wall in free draining soil. Train it up the wall by tying in the growths to enable any fruits to get maximum sun to ripen them. Water often and well when the fruits have set. Needs hard pruning in the winter, when it's dormant.

22 Jun, 2010


I'm curious as to why you ask about root restriction, Steve. If you are really short on open soil, you can grow them in large containers--with selective pruning each year, and root pruning every 4-5 years--but they are much happier in the open ground.

23 Jun, 2010


Hi Tug
Found this article in a English national news paper that recommends root restrictions. This seemed rather strange to me too so I had to ask anyway it is going into a large tub it is about 6 foot high and has fruit growing already.

23 Jun, 2010


Infuriating isn't it - none of the material I have here suggests root restriction for figs, and I've certainly grown it in open ground very successfully previously, with loads of fruit in a good year, but there you go, that's the trouble with gardening, there's always more than one answer, lol!

23 Jun, 2010


I agree with you bamboo but gardening has changed and the way do things in the garden has science and technology develops such has disease resistant plants etc.I watched the Victorian garden on TV recently and they would not believe what we do today and the plant varieties that are available.

23 Jun, 2010

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