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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

I wonder if anyone could identify the variety of this Campanula for me

On plant Campanula




How tall and what do the leaves look like?

21 Jun, 2010


Owdboggy, thanks for your interest. The plant is about 3ft tall and the leaves are fascinating - mid-green, long (about 6in) very narrow and tapering to a point and the fascinating thing is that at the leaf junction with the stem there are two tiny leaves growing out sideways. I didn't realise until you asked how interesting the leaves were. Looking forward to your reply.

21 Jun, 2010


If the leaves are mostly at the bottom, its C. persicifolia

21 Jun, 2010


Beat me to it!
Yes, leaves are incredibly fascinating when you look closely at them.
I keep meaning to do a Blog style thing on the way to show a plant so that it is easier to identify.

21 Jun, 2010

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