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I was given a Raspberry plant for fathers day this year it is in a pot.
How do i look after it? where do i put it? How much water do I give it?
Can u help please



Needs to be planted in the ground and you need to know if it is a summer fruiting or an autumn fruiting cane, as the way you treat varies. Is the cane young looking with small green leaves or old with no leaves? Keep it well watered until it has had a chance to settle in.

21 Jun, 2010


Just to add to Moon grower's comments, raspberries multiply by runners or rather roots which spread around just below the surface of the ground. This is where the new shoots you will need for next year's crop will come from. The original cane will die back and should be removed.
Autumn fruiting canes can be treated as summer fruiting ones by cutting them at the same time, but it's better to have them in the autumn as they go on cropping until the frosts. The general principle is to cut down canes immediately after fruiting with summer ones. This is simply to provide space and light for the new canes to grow for next summer. With autumn fruiting canes, there's not much point in cutting them down after fruiting as winter is arriving, so normally you leave them on the plant until the spring, which probably helps protect the plant's crown too. You cut them away in the spring allowing the new canes to grow then and go through the cycle of growth and fruiting in a single season.
When you plant it, make sure it's in ground completely cleared of perennial weeds as it will be a nightmare weeding once planted. Prepare the ground well with lots of compost or well rotted manure, as the bigger and healthier the canes grow, the more fruit you will get in future.
Sorry to be so verbose, but I just LOVE raspberries!

21 Jun, 2010


You and me both Bertie - if it is a choice between strawberries and raspberries the rasps win hands down any day.

21 Jun, 2010


Thank u very much I am just a beginer at this gardening so it is great to know that u are willing to help.

21 Jun, 2010


Ask away - you will usually find someone on GoY has the answer.

21 Jun, 2010

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