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Is my winter flowering jasmine dead?
We moved into our new house November last year.
The flowering jasmine was in full bloom and is over 20 feet tall growing up a trellis against the back of the house (south facing).
It appears dead - dried out and withered in much the same way a clematis appears before it flowers.
Has the prolonged winter/frost done for it or is there any hope?



Very unlikely to be the winter that put paid to it - you don't say where you live, but could it be a drought problem (in the south, it could well be). Cut it back to see if that generates new growth. Unless your plant isn't winter Jasmine at all, but a more tender, twining form which did get killed by the winter. Usual time for major flowering for winter Jasmine is early Spring, with just a few in the autumn.

20 Jun, 2010

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