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why did my swedes grow only leaves?



Do you mean Swedish Ivy? If you are growing it as a houseplant, it needs pretty bright light, and regular applications of a balanced fertilizer to bloom. It may also need more darkness at night: too much artificial light at night can derange its biological clock. Natural blooming season is still about 2 months away, down under, anyway, if it's a new plant.

20 Jun, 2010


And if you mean the vegetable swede when did you sow?

20 Jun, 2010


Tugbrethil, a swede is a turnip like vegetable!
Guest is in NZ so it is now mid-winter and swedes should have a good root (swollen stem). Don't know why these haven't.

20 Jun, 2010


Learning again, and glad of it! I gotta look these up.

Aha! We know them as rutabagas, and I have never grown them before. If they are very much like turnips, though, the first thing I would suspect is lack of water, and the second thing is lack of potash.

20 Jun, 2010

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