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By Jazzy1

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

hi everyone, im new to gardening but decided to move my reddish cordyline plant (sorry about spelling) to a new part of the garden, after 7 days it has stared turning light seems to be dying completely!!
it was doing ok, and now i seem to have killed there any advice on if this is normal ? is it because I disturbed its roots?



You haven't said how long it had been in the ground in its previous position, and that's very important - if it had been there for longer than a year, now was not the time to move it, because you will inevitably break the water seeking roots when you do. The only thing you can do now is keep the thing well watered, on a daily basis, with half a bucket every day and hope that it recovers.

18 Jun, 2010


thanks bamboo,
it has been in ground over a year.
ill know better next time

18 Jun, 2010

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