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hi there!!!!!!!
i have these horrid red butterfly type bugs ( not butterflys0 eating my lilly leaves - does anyone know what they are and how i can get rid of them!!!



Sounds like lily beetle, little bright red squarish beetles. Usual method is to stealthily creep up wearing latex gloves and catch the little devils and stamp on them or crack their backs, but I believe Provado now has a pesticide available to treat for these.

17 Jun, 2010


Hi mercedes look at question 25968 and you will see a photo!!! They need to be squashed if you can catch them????

17 Jun, 2010


Yes they are crafty. They tumble through the leaf axils very expertly, and hit the ground upside down. Who made them red anyway? They got on my lovely Regals a long while ago and chomp my one and only remaining Imperial to a vestige of its former glory. Sorry but I gave up. I did have my regals a long time before they appeared.

18 Jun, 2010


The darn things are now laying babys!!
Can i blutz them with insetacide???

my poor lillies!!!

18 Jun, 2010


Scrape the babies off with damp kitchen roll and squssh them, yuk, it's not nice but necessary, I dont use sprays or anything in the garden because it harms so many other creatures too, by hand is good enough !!

18 Jun, 2010


aww thank you so much for your advice - find it fab that i can dip in and ot with my queries!!
Still loving the garden thou

19 Jun, 2010

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