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Plant identification... please!

Hi, I 'm wondering if anyone can help identify this particular plant. I think it might be an eryngium but I'm not sure. I'd really love one for my garden. This one was photographed in Somerset but I have also seen them ( apparently growing as weeds) in Northern France. Any help appreciated!




Weed, think its a teasel, not too sure, but what it definitely isn't is an Eryngium.

16 Jun, 2010


Just to confirm it's a teasel. The heads are quite nice in flower arrangements but if you leave them the plant seeds quite easily everywhere. Another piece of useless information is that the heads were used in woollen manufacture and if you go to Trowbridge in Wiltshire you can see a 'teasel house' where they were stored, next to the town bridge.

16 Jun, 2010


Love your explanation Bertie !!! Teasels they are. Lol

16 Jun, 2010


Much loved by goldfinch so if you want to attract them to your garden and don't mind pulling up the self-seeded teasels, have a go.....

16 Jun, 2010


It is one of the scruffiest and most unattractive weeds there are in my opinion. If you want goldfinches, hang a nice neat feeder.

16 Jun, 2010


haha.. thanks for answers. Sounds like I WOULDN'T really love on in my garden.....

I am in NE scotland here , hence my unfamiliarity with this particular plant.

ps I particularly enjoyed the answer from JohathanHales, Thanks for cheering me up!

16 Jun, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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