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how do i take a cutting of my black beauty, its about 10ft high and 3ft wide.

On plant Sambucus nigra



Try some soft wood cuttings now.

15 Jun, 2010


This should come really easily from cuttings. As Wyeboy says, softwood cuttings are probably the easiest to take, but make sure you put them into fairly gritty compost, and cover them with a plastic bag supported by little canes or sticks, for at least three weeks before removing it. Put in a shady spot, like under the staging in a greenhouse.
My Black Lace sambucus cuttings are now rooted and I did them three weeks ago I see from my diary.
Alternatively you can take hardwood cuttings in the autumn from them and plant them in a sheltered place over winter. They should have rooted by the end of the following summer.

15 Jun, 2010

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