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Solomans seal -

Someone wanted to show me a plant that had appeared in their garden and had identified it as Solomans seal. However it was absolutely riddled with white almost translucent small caterpillars with a black head that had eaten the leaves down to a skeleton.

Is there anyway of preventing this happen ? and will the plant recover ?



these are sawfly larva and a common pest. you can spray or just pick them off and squish them. this regularly happens to mine and i leave them alone for the birds to feed on. The plants come back every year.

14 Jun, 2010


She ran off screaming when I showed her how many were under what was left of the leaves - I suspect that will get sprayed.........

Can the leaves be sprayed early in the season to deter them ?

14 Jun, 2010


These are the same little Bs that eat goosberry bushes as well, let nature take its course and leave it to the birds, they will feed their young with them, and as SBg says they grow will back next year.

14 Jun, 2010

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