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Honeysuckle - Im a really inexperienced gardener. The first year I planted my honeysuckle, it grew really well and flowered beautifully. Last summer it appeared to be struggling, and this year, is looking really odd! It is still growing at quite a fast rate, but is brown for about 4 foot, then has approx 2 foot of strong green shoots. It looks a little ugly and unwell, yet there are green shoots and green leaves at the top! I cant make it out! Does anyone have any suggestions?!



Normal for honeysuckle, I'm afraid (which is why I never plant the blasted things any more). After about 5 years, you usually end up with a lot of dead "thatch" to about 5 feet, with new growth cascading over the top.
"In winter cut out any old, dead wood and reduce other stems by a third" is the formula for these - in practice, most people don't, and after a few years, just cut the whole thing down and let it grow again. Up to you what you do. I find its best grown over an old shed or outhouse, where you can't see the base and first 8 feet of the plant.

14 Jun, 2010


Thats why I got fed up with mine and it had to go.

14 Jun, 2010


Thank you for responding! (Ive never posted on a forum before!)
That is so dissapointing that there is no 'quick fix'. The plant in question is right outside my kitchen window, and is next to two beautiful clematis' so looks really sorry for itself next to the two thriving climbers! I fear after this summer it may just have to go. Ill let the top two foot flower this year, and then remove it because I cant face another summer of the eyesore!
Thanks so much again!

14 Jun, 2010

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