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About 17 years ago I bought a tiny christmas tree from woollies for my daughter - it cost £1.40 and she kept it in her bedroom until I planted it in the garden. I moved 10 years ago and the tree came with me - it's now over 30ft high!!! My garden is not that big and I can see the roots spreading across the lawn - help, what should I do?! For sentimental reasons, I don't want to give it the chop but I think it may have to go - what do I do???????



Get it out, while its still possible - these trees are far too large for ordinary gardens, and whilst I realize the sentimental attachment you have to it, it has, really, outgrown your capacity to cater for it.

13 Jun, 2010


I Agree, get it out but wait for Christmas and cut it down and have it inside as your Chrismas Tree and give it a good send off, Oh! And cut it down too size for the space in your room LOL and dig the root tree up when the weather is better in the spring :o))

14 Jun, 2010

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