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Could any kind gardener identify this shrub?




Cytisus battandereii (pineapple broom)

13 Jun, 2010


got a lovely scent. Keep on meaning to go and buy one.

13 Jun, 2010


Thank-you kindly Bamboo and Hijuju, I shall definitely get one.

14 Jun, 2010


any idea where i could buy one of these

14 Jun, 2010


Surely your garden centre would have it, Hijuju?

14 Jun, 2010


no ive looked there and they never seem to have them on sale

15 Jun, 2010


Must say! That would be a crowd stopper if you had it in your front garden, Cor! I must get one it look's absolutely fabulous. I've found one on big plant nursery price £39.50p and deliver within 5 day's.
I just went on Google and put (pineapple broom)

19 Jun, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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