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By Jovpack

Isle of Man Unknown

how do I know when it is time to harvest my early seed potatoes?! I am new to this!! Thanks for your help



Hi Jovpack and welcome to GoY. Your 1st early potatoes should be ready to harvest around the end of June beginning of July; to check remove some of the soil from the ridge and see if there are potatoes there. Remember that early potatoes do not get a big as main crop ones and do not keep in the same way so only lift what you need for a meal not a whole row.

13 Jun, 2010


I harvested my first potatoes today .. I planted 'Winston' and 'Belle de Fontenay' on 24th March, chitted. I've always read that you harvest when they flower ... but my plants never seem to flower! I usually have a gentle rummage and if I see that the size is OK, I start to harvest a few at a time, one from each plant, just enough for my immediate needs. There are still lots of tiddlers underneath which I leave to carry on growing.

14 Jun, 2010

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