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Hi there people!!!
isn't this time of year very exciting - tasted our first 4 baby carrots on thrusday - abosloutely wonderful!!1

I am growing courgettes too - the yellow flowers are present and there looks kike a young cougette is growing underneath -
1)how do i know when it is ready to pick and use
2) how do i take them from the plant - which part do i pick as there is a stem then the cougette then the flower?

As you can see my gardening terminolgy is pretty basic

Many thanks for your help past and present




pick them small, the more often you pick the more you should get ( in posh restaurants they sometimes serve them fingersize with flower attached)-- I usuall try to pick when they look as if a ring would be about the size of a 2p piece but if you want to stuff them than leave longer-- its really up to you-- if you go on holiday you could have baby marrows when you come back!

as to removing them I use a small sharp ves knife but take care not to damage any part of the parent plant and be aware some varieties can be a bit prickly

12 Jun, 2010


sorry i missed the last bit, the courgette is attached to the flower, the ones with only a stem are the male flowers which are not used

12 Jun, 2010


sorry to be a pain does the courgette come with the flower growing on top - i have steam courgette and the flower is that useable.

13 Jun, 2010

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