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By 44scjmb

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

hi i have just got my self 3 hosta plants . where would you say is the best place to plant them in my gargen ?? as i have heard they are prone to being eaten by slugs . :0)



I think they like a more shaded area, but i have seen them in many different areas...I planted my new hosta in a black enamel bucket I bought.....purposely to try and keep the slugs has been there over 1 week now and NO slug holes lol

12 Jun, 2010


hi thanks for giving me the tips on my hosta plants :0) i am very new to all this gardening lark lol its the first garden i have really had to do :0)

12 Jun, 2010


you will learn from your experience what does and doesn't work....along with tips from everyone else

12 Jun, 2010


all i can say is i can but try lol :0)

12 Jun, 2010


There are many ideas to keep the slimies away - broken eggshells around the base of the plant; sharp grit; coffee grounds; copper tape around pots or copper collars around the plants. I have copper collars and - so far - fingers crossed! - they have worked very well both in this country and back in Britain. I just have to be careful that the leaves of mine don't grow too near the wall, otherwise the slimies get in that way! Good luck! :o)

13 Jun, 2010


thanks for giving me some good advice . i will try the eggshells first and see how that goes :0)

14 Jun, 2010

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