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By Lizbone

Deux Sevres, France Fr

when do you prune mahonia the plant has stopped sprouting from top of stems and is growing nearer the soil leaving large dead looking spikes



Don't usually prune at all, but remove anything that's dead back to live wood - sounds like the top has been killed back by something.

11 Jun, 2010


Mr Lloyd says in his 'Cuttings' book, which I am reading at the moment, March for winter flowering Mahonia. I leave mine to make those enticing berries which starlings and blackbirds like. Then , if I feel like it, I get out the long pruner out and reduce height. Just try not to let them get too scrawny and bare limbed. If it is another type of Mahonia I don't know. As the lower down type get used for supermarket planting, and the contractors come regularly, and scalp every thing, I expect they can put up with anything.

11 Jun, 2010


many thanks for your help

13 Jun, 2010

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