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By Waldron

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a long row of Holly Trees which were planted last year. When the holly trees came the roots were in very tight bags made of bags - these bags are not bio-dregradable. When the gardeners planted the trees, they did not take off the bags, I asked them 'should the roots be let out of the bags for them to stretch out once planted, the gardener said 'no, they will be fine'. In the last 3 weeks all of the leaves on the holly trees have turned yellow and fell off the trees leaving just the bare branches. I would appreciate any help as to whether anyone knows should the bags have been taken off the roots before planting and would this be making them die. Thanks.



I suspect that they have retained too much water which has been trapped in the bag. Ilex (Holly) hate over wet roots. Lift one or two out and see if the roots have rotted. They should never have been left inside the bags. They may call themselves gardeners but this does a big disservice to anyone including myself to include them among our number.

7 Jun, 2010

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