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I bought 2 climbing roses a few weeks ago. One was Penny Lane which is doing very well, the other is Summertime Chewlarmoll which is looking like its about to die on me. I have already taken it out of the ground and replanted it in a pot with fresh compost from a garden centre. Does anyone know what I can do to salvage it. Its only about 8 inch tall.



Penny Lane is a great variety indeed!

Summertime is a patio climber that only reaches about 6ft (1.8m). It's one of the better patio climbers but not sure what is going wrong with yours. I probably wouldn't have moved it again as this will have damaged any potential new roots and trying to revive something in a container is not necessarily a good idea. Watering is very tricky especially as in a container they can get too wet and rot. In the ground, water moves through the soil evenly like water being drawn up through blotting paper and is a much more equitable environment for roots.

Never mind, you have done it now so leave until autumn and plant in the ground....if it survives.

7 Jun, 2010


ps Chewlarmoll is the code name for the rose. The first three letters always refer to the nursery that first bred it ie Che=Chessum/Warner

This site lists them all:

7 Jun, 2010

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