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can i prune pieris forest flame

Asked from the GoYpedia pruning page



Yes. You can prune out unwanted branches back to their point of origin at the junction of a primary branch or you could in mid spring completely renovate the plant by hard pruning into heavy wood.

Just be aware that like many Ericaceous plants (Rhododendrons etc), pruning the occasional branch hard back and leaving a piece to re-shoot may not always work. They sometimes abort that stem unless you force them all to re-sprout by doing the whole plant at the same time, hence occasional branches should just be completely removed back to the junction with it's primary branch.

Lighter pruning into wood no more than two years old is fine, again probably best done no later than May.

After a hard prune, always feed well and give the plant a good mulch of either composted bark, leaf mould or ericaceous compost.

Bone meal is a good option for feeding here as it slowly releases nitrates over a long period of time. The phosphates it contains are probably irrelevant here.

6 Jun, 2010

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