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Dear Grows on you friends.
I have attached a photo of my Japanese maple wwhich as you can see has some sort of diseaese. Does anyone know what this is, and most important how to cure it.I would appreciate any help or suggestions.
My email, if anybody wants more info or could email a reply is
Many Thanks




do you mean the grey growth on the bark? it looks like lichen and is not a disease. If you dont like it carefully brush it off the bark. Lichen is a sign of clean air/low air pllution.

6 Jun, 2010


the plant looks lovley and healthy
my tree is coverd in all colours of this .

6 Jun, 2010


Hmm, I'm not at all convinced that's lichen growth, I think its a bad case of scale infestation - if the white fluffy stuff has shield shaped small objects in it, that's what it is. Wash off with soap and water, or a cloth dipped in methylated spirits, or Provado make a treatment for scale infestation (so I'm told, never used it)

6 Jun, 2010


Many Thanks to all who replied, I think Bamboo has hit the nail on the head you have described the problem I have. I will certainly try your remedies.
Once again many thanks to you all.
Westferrychip (Roy)

6 Jun, 2010


your welcome but the thanx should go to bamboo realy

6 Jun, 2010

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