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On the underside of my Camelia leaves... I have - what I thought was bird droppings..... but now think they are an infestation - too many of them... can you help?



can you post a photo of the infestation? Try spraying with a systemic insecticide. as a rule droppings are on the upper/top surface of the leaf. if you see 'droppings' on lilys they could be the larva of lily beetle.

5 Jun, 2010


Thanks Seaburngirl.... As you say droppings are on top of a leaf....!!! They look like 'flattened' caterpillars with small black heads.... and there are about 6/7 on each leaf... I have put the plant away from my others (Its in a pot) and sprayed them ... nothing is moving...but I only found them AFTER I had sprayed.. Can't put a photo - very new to this technology so I am quite please to have got this far... |Length of each ??? is about 5 mm long....white with black head. Not nice....

5 Jun, 2010


they sound like sawfly larvae so insecticide will do its job ok.

5 Jun, 2010


Thanks - I will try that and see what happens... Great to talk ??? (Read?) to you.


6 Jun, 2010

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