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I heard on this mornings news we are going to have to be careful about watering gardens.Does any one know if you can use washing up water or bath water given that they would have soap/ oils and washing up liquid added..



I am a bit eco freako and have a water meter. I am always careful about watering. I use drink bottles with the bottom end cut off, upended in the soil at the base of some plants and shrubs. A few small stones under the mouth of the bottle help fast dispersal of water. I anything flags I give it the bottle treatment. I pick the bottles up in the street, some who live round me are not very tidy. I try to water so that it never runs out the bottom of a big pot. I water smaller pots I can safely handle when watered from the bottom. I use a a rubber trug under the water butt tap. I seldom use a hose. I use water crystals to retain water round roots. I can't carry a heavy can of water, so I use 2 litre plastic watering cans and get some more exercise. I also mulch vulnerable plants with spent soil from my numerous pots. I use eco liquid to wash up and chuck it on the garden where it is needed. Not onto pots.

3 Jun, 2010


I empty bath water on the garden when we have a hose pipe ban

3 Jun, 2010


In the hosepipe ban and drought of 1976 I used bath water, rinsing water from the twin-tub washing machine and soapy washing-up water on my garden. I had no aphids on my roses - the washing-up liquid saw to that - and the bonus was not only a colourful garden with a soft green lawn for my daughters to play on, but self-seeded tomato plants from all the salads we ate. Go for it!

4 Jun, 2010


Thanks for all the useful information.I am going to follow it.Exercise will be good to toi-ng and fro-ing with the water.Barbara

7 Jun, 2010

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