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Just purchased a purple corkscrew hazelnut.I live in the N.Eastern U.S.would very much LOVE it to thrive.Any planting and care tips from other Screwnuts?



well welcome and hello . sorry i dont know the answer but if you just ask google this plants needs sizes everything for such a plant infact . the thing is and im not saying it of this plant but a lot of outdoor plants in the hotter parts of the usa are often house plants over here .this is mostly a garden site though im not saying someone wont know the answer or even if you live in a hotter part of the us . im also not trying to put you of comming on here . theres a lot of people who are true plantsmen,pond keepers and youl get quite a few pet answers for good measure . the people here are realy nice and it is a nice site to .please enjoy good luck

1 Jun, 2010


thanks much!perhaps chat sometime?

8 Jun, 2010


more than welcome my friend .

8 Jun, 2010

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