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By Veda

dordogne, France Fr

can i prune a magnolia tree that has got too big for the space it's in

also when can i transplant small conifers that are overshadowed thank you



Yes you can prune the Magnolia but be aware that the new growth put on this year wont produce flower next spring. Not sure of the climate where you are Veda but If you tansplant the conifers now to reduce the risk of losing them when you dig them up make sure you have plenty of soil around the root ball and keep them very well watered all summer, I have done this and touch wood, been lucky so far!

27 May, 2010


Thanks for your help, I did wonder about the flowers, I'l do as you say with the conifers.
The climate here is very much like England now, not as hot in the Summer as it used to be snd colder in the winter.
Many thanks

27 May, 2010

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