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I have just started a veg patch (yesterday) in a large purpose built planter. Today there are small flies (not cornflies, about the same size as flying ants) crawling all over the soil. I'm very upset! And obviously cannot plant anything.



Mmmm. I know the flies you mean. What compost have you used? Is it old?

27 May, 2010


Hi thanks for your reply. The compost was bought from the garden centre with the top soil (just a multi purpose compost). there are a couple of bags of manure in it too but low down. My dad has suggested putting washing up liquid in water and spraying the soil and also planting a few marigolds. I thought spraying water with citronella added but dont want it too affect what I grow. My husband says they are normal and will eventually just go, and to plant things but I dont feel I can at the moment til they are gone! It has rained overnight and the patch is wet which they mustn't like because there aren't any at the moment. Thanks again for your reply, I couldn't find anything on the internet of any use to me. My dad has a big garden and has always grown veg but not had this problem before.

28 May, 2010


Your husband is right the flies will go eventually. You've added manure so thats probably why you have the flies their breaking it down. What do you intend to grow as some veg will end up being funny shapes if planted with manure. (things like carrots, parsnips etc)

28 May, 2010

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