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By Joan1

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our large garden backs onto a field we have rabbit netting sunk into the soil all around and it looks such a mess as the weeds all grow through
thank you



Yes, this is a problem. Could you spray the base of the fencing with weedkiller to keep the weeds down? It may look a bit brown but may be better than weeds. Could you plant a hedge on the inside of the fence with a path between the hedge and the fence? This would allow you to spray off the weeds regularly and would hide the 'mess'. It depends how much space you have. The hedge could be an informal row of mxed shrubs.

25 May, 2010


Could you clothe the fence with climbers? I also have a rabbit fence which I only put up last year so it's still horribly new, but I'm growing variegated ivy on it in the shade and honeysuckle, passionflower and clematis on it in the sun. A friend also suggested a vine for the sunny side.

25 May, 2010


good ideas many thanks

25 May, 2010


maybe a raised planter but put a membrane at the bottom and make sure you have it quite deep and dont plant huge trees or shrubs.

25 May, 2010

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