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How can I prevent butterflies laying eggs on my cabbages? The area is too big to cover over . Is there anything I can use to deter them?
Many thanks



I would spray regularly with B.t., Madeline. It doesn't hurt people, pets, or wildlife, but does kill the caterpillars at first bite.

19 May, 2010


what is B.t Tugbrethil?

If you dont want to spray then you could try planting nasturiums as a companion plant. You can buy a fine mesh that may keep the butterflies off.

19 May, 2010


Logging in because I want to know what this B.t. is!

19 May, 2010


bet we cant get it in britain bulbaholic !

19 May, 2010


BT is a microbial insecticide which contains living spores and toxic crystals from a soil bacterium called Bacillus Thuringiensis (bt)...It only kills the caterpillars....sounds real good doesnt it?......If anyone knows where it can be bought please let us know.....or mail-order...:>)

19 May, 2010


Here in the States, it's available from VPG (ferti-lome & Hi Yield brands), Green Light, Bonide, Woodstream (Safer & Concern brands) and Lawn & Garden Co. (Monterey Brand), if any of those are available in the UK. The active ingredient is one form or another of Bacillus thuringiensis v. kurstakii, and it's available as a liquid concentrate, or as a powder suitable for dusting. I've never seen it as an RTU spray. I hope this makes it easier to find!

19 May, 2010


thanks. I have heard of the bacterium and i think it may be one for the commercial bods.

20 May, 2010

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