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Looking for a plant with the name Avril



i've never actually heard of one , but really weird i asked my question right after you...

15 May, 2010


There is some, use this link to find out what and suppliers.

15 May, 2010


i just went onto this and couldn't find any, i was interested because of my name! i then tried entering 'april' and it came up with a lot of plants to 'plant in april' but unfortunately none called either 'avril' or 'april' :(

15 May, 2010


I've got Camellia "April Dawn" and when looking it up found several called "April ..something or other". Try Googling?

15 May, 2010


Bit of a long term plan this one - you could become famous so that a plant breeder wants to name their new variety after you.
Or, a bit quicker, some plant breeders will name their new ones after you - if you pay them. :D
There are new varieties of dahlia, rose, pink. carnation, sweet pea etc being produced all the time.

I see this one sends you ROSE SEEDS named after you!

BTW I tried the RHS plantfinder recommended by Scotsgran and it came up with -
Narcissus "Avril Amour"
Pelargonium "Avril"
Primula auricula "Avril"
Primula auricula "Avril Hunter"
Solenostemon "Avril Lavigne"
Viola "Avril"
Viola "Avril Lawson"

Only the primulas are currently being offered for sale by sellers listed by the RHS.

15 May, 2010


Thank you Beattie I have just come in from the garden. I was relieved to see you had found the link. Sometimes it can be slow depending on how many people are on line. We have made 26 alpine boxes this morning. Using a wire brush I scraped the fish boxes I had collected and my husband painted them. They are all sitting out under the pergola in a drying wind on a nice sunny day. I will be able to plant them up sometime next week. Now I need to search the garden for plants to put in them.

15 May, 2010


my apologies, still don't know how to use this to 'its' best, but sure will makea note of those plants listed.. thanks to breathe, Scotsgran and the guest that asked the question...i've always wondered, now i know. :)

15 May, 2010


If you are not sure how to do something just ask there is usually someone around who will tell you. Welcome to Goy

15 May, 2010


thanks, Scotsgran I will, :) and thanks to the guest for asking the question, and to Beattie for your answers, what a wonderful site. x

17 May, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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