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I have a fully grown (pineapple tree) the flowers resemble a pineapple shape
Yellow in colour, sorry but I don’t know the name of this tree.
It’s my front garden, there are two offshoots which I thought were from the main tree. But no, these two baby trees are Laburnums as they are now in flower, I was very surprised by this, the height is about 11feet and the width of the trunks are roughly 2inches. I would love to dig them up and replant them in the back garden were they have room to grow; I have no idea how to do this, as I don’t want to kill them. Please can anyone help with this problem, I can't leave them to grow where they are as the main tree will probably suffer. Thanks for any help,
Regards Helen



Your pineapple tree could be Cytisus battandieri. Do the flowers smell of pineapple? If so, it's definitely this. The leaves are very similar in shape to Laburnum, but the Laburnum flowers hang down like a yellow Wistaria flower. And their seeds are poisonous too. If they are very close to the Cytisus then you may damage this as you try to dig them up. They also sound quite large so may not survive the move anyway. I'd be inclined to remove them by cutting them out and just keep the Cytisus.

14 May, 2010


Hi There
Thanks for replying to my question, yes, you are right, my
tree is a Cytisus battandieri, the flowers are similar to the Laburnum,
i did't know that the seeds were poisonous, as the tree was allready
established when i moved into my flat, the two saplings are very close
to the main tree just inches really, i really don't want to loose them, i have
had a bit of luck with other plants i have dug up, but a tree well!
I will try later in the year when flowering is over and things are dieing down,
but will be very carefull, it will be a great shame if they don't servive.
Thanks again for your imput.

17 May, 2010

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