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We bought a grafted Cheery Tree (Pink Perfection) in March we have a few buds on it which have not opened and now the leaves look sad and droopy. We have an amber resin which is oozing from the bark. This can be removed and is plyable but not sticky. Please can you give me some advice.

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sorry i cant help but that does not look good realy .

13 May, 2010


it looks to me like bacterial canker but I would like another opinion

13 May, 2010


Think we will have to take it back. Many thanks

13 May, 2010


if youve litteraly only just baught it then i would as they must have sold it to you with wouldnt suprise me if they said no thow . good luck .

13 May, 2010


I think thats the best idea-- if it is bacterial canker its contageous ( ps I love the idea of a 'cheery tree' ) :o)))

14 May, 2010

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