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We have a cordyline that is 11' high. It's situated in a small south facing garden which is reasonably sheltered near the coast in Hampshire. We are wanting to redesign the garden which at the moment is all paved. Would it damage the tree if a raised bed containing well draining soil were to be created around the trunk? If there was any danger of this causing damage to the tree we would rethink as it is a great feature in the garden. Thank you for your help. Jenny



the best thing you can do is create a false raised bed round the trunk as you should not change wear the soil is on a plant ie whats below and above the soil .above is stem used to being weatherd and below is root that is not . bonsei growers will reviel roots a bit at a time for that aged interesting look but never put soil higher than its uset to being or you will rot ya trunk out . i just mite be wrong about your actual plant but generaly i am right in what i say .just find a plastic tube or something round the trunk with a little bit of room for growth . then build a wall round or square about a foot away acording to taste realy . then get some fine mesh to go on top of the wall and up to the trunk.sprinkle some gravel or something similer round till you cover the mash .then build your raised planter round that . it will just look like you have a cordaline growing out of the gravel . you could even put pots round it if you support works well with trees to.i hope this has helped its not as hard as it sounds take care bye for now .good luck .

13 May, 2010


jenny lol xx

13 May, 2010

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