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I have 2 Buddleia growing out of back yard wall, I have cut them down and sprayed them with a shrub killer all to no effect they are still growing I'm desperate now I need to know an effective solution to kill them off because I'm worried about the damage to the wall which is adjoining next door and I would be resposible for any damage done. Can anyone please help me.



i believe there is a poison you can spray or inject directly into the plant . dcrbob or bamboo are true plantsmen they will know for sure .

12 May, 2010


I killed off a resilient toadstool once with neat bleach when all else had failed.

12 May, 2010


yes inject bleech perfect or duck tape a bit of plastic if you can to the wall under the plants or tie it and fill with salt . hard without a picture realy .

12 May, 2010


Just keep on cutting away the new growth/leaves, and eventually it will give

13 May, 2010


yes your right alan took my bamboo 3 years lol with bioling water and black polythene and salt etc but i doubt this plant is as tough as bamboo.lets hope not.

13 May, 2010


thankyou all for your replys I will try the bleach and the plastic bag.

15 May, 2010


you will kill it just keep at it.everytime you boil the kettle poar it on it whats left after your tea ofcourse lol .

16 May, 2010

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