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I have grown lambs ears successfully for a number of years. This year a healthy crop suddenly got badly infested with numerous pests on underside of leaves. They look like small cocoons attached at one end with a small black pest inside. Older leaves showing infestation have lost coloration. Unable to find anything similar by internet search. Attached photo...what is it?

On plant Stachys byzantina

Dscf6424_-_copy Dscf6421_-_copy



Looks as if its got mildew, for one thing, which isn't unusual on this plant when the weather's cold and damp, this one likes hot dry weather. The stuff underneath looks like something's laid eggs which will hatch out at some point, but I've no idea what. The plant itself is continuing to grow regardless from the second picture, so whatever it is doesn't look as if it will kill it. Were it mine, I'd consider spraying with something like Roseclear 3, mixed to fungicidal strength, though I feel a bit guilty about suggesting it, because whatever the eggs are might be something beneficial rather than a pest, so on balance, I think I'd wait a bit and see what emerges, as the plant's continuing to grow anyway.

10 May, 2010

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