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Another Lady Boothby question.....

Last year I planted about 10 of these, all of which thrived to a greater or lesser degree! I put the two best ones (in pots) in the greenhouse over winter and they are already well in leaf. However, most of the others in the ground are still not showing any new growth. A couple have a pair of leaves just peeping through the soil...but the remainder have nothing at all. Is this normal in May?..or have I lost them? Would the severity of the winter kill them off perhaps?



Yes, it was very cold, after all, and they are not hardy ones to my knowledge. However, my hardy ones are only showing their new shoots at the base now - so don't give up on them yet.

7 May, 2010


Like you Izzy I planted quite a few a couple of years ago. Only 3 survived and flowered last year. They all look quite dead at the moment but so does my huge Mrs. Popple and I seem to remember none started to come to life until well into May last year. I am just crossing my fingers.

7 May, 2010


Mrs Popple has a few tiny green shoots appearing... thank goodness! :-))

I hope yours does too, Ginellie...and good luck with 'Lady Boothby', Izzy!

7 May, 2010


On close inspection today Spritz, my Mrs. P is finally showing signs of life. Let's hope Lady B isn't far behind.

7 May, 2010


Lady Boothby is a hardy variety.
I always find fuchsias very slow plants . Some of my hardy ones are still not sprouting, but they are alive - maybe you could try scraping a bit of bark with your fingernail to see if it is green underneath. Do it near the base of the stem. If you see green then it's still alive. But even if not don't give up on them yet. As I said they are very slow plants .
Last year I had one I thought was dead and I put it to throw away. I forgot to throw it and in the following June I saw small shoots appearing at the base.

8 May, 2010


Hardy Fuschias also behave differently in different parts of a smalll garden. I have 2 of same variety planted, same time, about 20 feet apart in different borders. One has shoots of 1-2 inches. The other no sign of life above ground but gentle moving of soil reveals shoots. The slow one blooms on into late autumn and the other one that shoots early is nearly done with flowering.

8 May, 2010


OOOPs! The site was playing up today.... I've responded somewhere else...under 'Guest" for some reason. A message said it was an error! LOL

I mentioned that Alzeimer kindly advised me last year about overwintering Lady Boothbys and she reckoned they would withstand almost anything! Considering that hers were subjected to the bitter cold of NE Scotland, I thought I would have no trouble. Hers survived year after year and grew to 8/9 feet tall in summer and were full of blooms!

I'll wait and see what happens in the weeks ahead...thank you again for your comments.

8 May, 2010


mine are shooting but only in the last week or so. So dont give up hope. I prne mine down to the first new shoots. this winter it has been about 2/3 lost.

8 May, 2010

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