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Nine years ago we planted a hawthorn hedge which is about 50metres long. It has never given us more than about 20 flowers. We have tried pruning in late June, well after it should have flowered, in winter, and we have even tried leaving it without pruning, but nothing seems to help it flower. Have you got any suggestions?



We have a large Hawthorn in the garden. It hardly bloomed last year but this year it is loaded and will be smothered in red blossom soon. It does vary a lot in its flowering. Is it like a natural Hawthorn hedge>ie left to do its own thing- like down the side of a field? or in a more cultivated setting? I am not sure how a Hawthorn would respond if kept regularly cut like a garden hedge. They are very tolerant trees about maltreatment. A Hawthorn in our street was sliced about 4 feet up its trunk and it grew back and bloomed!!!

2 May, 2010


Here they planted miles, not kidding, of Hawthorn hedging back at the beginning of the 60s along the paths of the big council housing estate. Up until about 5 or 6 years ago they were allowed to grow up to 6ft tall, then the local council cut them all down to about waist hight! Now they are cut back to that hight twice a year yet still they flower!

2 May, 2010


I find that our hawthorn only really can flower if I don't cut it for a year. I kind of compromise now - have left a bit to do it's own thing at the bottom of the garden so that we're not without flowers and therefore berries too. The rest of the long hedge further up towards the house though does get haphazardly trimmed - nesting season permitting - so that it does not overshadow the rest of the garden too much . Ours are the white kind, as I prefer them to pink ones, really just about our favourite flower.
I hope yours flower soon.

2 May, 2010

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