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how can we encourage our Aucuba to produce red berrys

On plant Aucuba japonica



I think they are separate male and female plants. so you will need to have 2 plants so they can cross pollinate. may be wrong I will have to check.

29 Apr, 2010


Seaburn's right, with the exception of 'Rozannie' which is self fertile, there are male and female plants. That said, I have Aucuba japonica 'Crotonifolia' in a garden with no other nearby and it produces red berries every year, so lord knows what's pollinating that. It is, though, left to its own devices and rarely pruned, and started berrying once it got to about 5 feet.

30 Apr, 2010


Any way of knowing whether your plant is male or female? Mine has never berried, just get the flowers.

30 Apr, 2010


Not as far as I know, there are certain varieties which are male and others female, so something that needs to be determined when buying I believe, by the name of the cultivar.

30 Apr, 2010


I did a blog called 'a regular question' where i showed skimmia flowers. they are also all male or all female. the flower structure is the same for Aucuba. That will help I hope.

30 Apr, 2010

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