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Hi there, new to this site and need some help please.
We have 4 Euphorbia Silver Queen (?) sorry Swan !!which were looking terrible after last year's nightmare of a Winter so I chopped them right back to about a foot above the ground. They are showing no signs of re growth, have I killed them?




I would guess you may see some growth coming from the base of the plant, if they are still alive.

29 Apr, 2010


Welcome to GOY, Veggiebean! Good luck with the Euphorbias - I hope they survived.

29 Apr, 2010


if the roots are holding on or and if you scratch the trunk litley and it still has colour then there is a chance so good luck.take care bye for now

29 Apr, 2010


oops sorry welcome to goy bye the way lol .

29 Apr, 2010


Many thanks for the kind welcome,

I suspect they are dead unfortunately, how long do you think I should give them before giving up? We lost our big Cordyline Australis as well which was depressing and out tree fern which was totally our fault. Ah well you live and learn....

I am constantly amazed at how the garden comes back at this time of the year, you can literally see it growing.

Take care

29 Apr, 2010


i would give it a good while yet veggie what looks dead isnt cordaline died back because of the frost to know leaves and just a brown stalk .i checked today and there are at least 4 new plants round the base of it.

29 Apr, 2010


OK thanks, I'll give them a chance, I suppose I'm just being impatient!


1 May, 2010


if theres one thing you need with a lot of gardening it ispatiance .take care veggie .

1 May, 2010

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