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hello- What can I grow at the end of my garden that has no sunlight (is shaded by large conifer next door)Something pretty please! X



How about an Aucuba with yellow spots on the leaves. Or Fatsia japonica with huge leathery leaves. Underplant with Bergenias for spring pink. Or a Hydrangea. And maybe some Hellebores.

28 Apr, 2010


I agree about the Aucuba, they're great for those locations, Eleagnus too.

28 Apr, 2010


What about symphoricarpus, the snowberry, looks great in the winter with all the berrys, does well in dry shade, however it can spread quickly throwing up suckers but great for propagating in the winter. Elaeagnus and mahonias, also varigated holly and camelias i have found can do ok is this situation, or what about cornus,red stems and yellow stems[ sibirica/flavirama] great for winter colour. julien

28 Apr, 2010


.. also, bluebells ( but buy them from a reputable source, and 'in the green') also Viburnum opulus, the Guelder Rose. This has bright red berries too.

4 May, 2010

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