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I need to identify four plants and one tree/bush

1) started as a purple bulb peeping out from the soil which has since become green on the tips as they get bigger.
2) Is a kind of stemmy red plant which is developing a green leaf.
3) Is a plant almost like a grass but with large stems.
4) is a leaf long green plant which on some of the plants is developing buds coming through.
5) is a very small leaf bush but I think that I have seen a tree very similar with a green almost maple leaf.

P26-04-10_20.26 P26-04-10_20.26_01_ P26-04-10_20.26



Hi Teamtobin and welcome to GoY. You have asked us to i.d. 5 different plants... you have put up 3 photos - two of which are the same. None of them is clear enough for me to give a positive i.d. on. Please resubmit your questions with good clear photos of each plant/shrub you are asking us to i.d.

27 Apr, 2010


welcome to GoY, but as MG says we cant see the plants clear enough, We dont mind if you post 5 different questions, then we might be able to help.

28 Apr, 2010


Number two plant, could that be the new shoots of the perennial Astilbe

Number one plant, the picture is unclear and does not look like what i think it is that being, Convallaria [lilly of the valley], which starts with small purple shoots turning green and then producing a small stem of fragrant white flowers, great for use has a cut flower in a small vase on the bedside cabinet, lovely scent.

Number three plant, if its the one by the tree, then could be Crocosmia, green sword shape foliage, with orange/ red flowers late summer or a type of Iris.

Number four without a picture its difficult to comment

Number five, no picture but could it be an Acer?


28 Apr, 2010


I wouldn't attempt to i.d. anything from those photos... it would just be playing guessing games

29 Apr, 2010

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