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do you get multi headed tulips



ive not seen any

27 Apr, 2010


I have seen some just this week in my Mum's garden and have never seen anything like them, they are gorgeous red tulips and have multiple buds per flower, eg. one is open now with two other buds yet to open. I would like to get hold of some myself, but she can't remember where she got them? If anybody knows, please let us know! Thanks

27 Apr, 2010


Yes you can. Red Riding hood is one. There's also Antoinette, which is lemon and pink: Praestans Unicum, red with variegated leaves: and Toronto , pink. Now I've just checked out Taylor's website and there are lots and lots of others. Very pretty some of them.

27 Apr, 2010


Amongst the species tulips the lovely Tulipa turkistanica and some of its relatives have several flower heads.

27 Apr, 2010

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