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Essex, United Kingdom Gb

we have a standard rose which has little black speaks all over it we have sprayed with a rose spray but it has made no effect and the leaves drop off and the flower buds do not open



You have to decide whether the little black specks are actually black spot or not - if they are, you need to treat with a fungicide. Try Roseclear 3, mixed up in a sprayer according to the instructions on the box.

26 Apr, 2010


Hi Bamboo - could this be black spot and over watering?

26 Apr, 2010


I'd have thought overwatering very unlikely, unless its growing in a tub without drainage. We also don't know what Guest sprayed with in the first place, nor do we know whether the spraying was carried out in bright sunlight, which would cause these problems, or certainly contribute to them. The little black specks could also be anything from mud splash to blackfly to leaf spot to black spot, or a result of growing in the wrong place, so hard to say any more really.

27 Apr, 2010


Thanks Bamboo

27 Apr, 2010

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