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i have a false castor oil plant that is 20 years old,i would like to prune it to a more manageable size,it started as a pot plant and now grows at the top of my victorian garden, it is approx 6-7 feet tall and too wide,2nd question please. Is it as poisonous as the castor oil plant



The plant is poisonous but is not as poisonous as the castor oil plant the poison that the castor oil plant produces is alkaloid ricinin and the toxalbumin ricin, the latter being a plant lectin, or protein, more toxic even than strychnos and cyanides. This is properly the most poisonous plant known to man. The KGB used this substance to kill people because it is quick and very hard to detect in the human body. You will be OK if you are cautious like you would be with any other poisonous plant

25 Apr, 2010

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