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Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

i have alot of stinging nettles , if i put roundup on then will they grow back?



I would say yes they will as you wont get to all the roots. The way I got rid of Stinging Nettles was to dig them up and tracked the root till I had it all and every time I saw a new one dug it up. You can make liquid feed with them very easily!

25 Apr, 2010


I would sugest that after you dig them up you spray weed killer there before you fill in the hole

25 Apr, 2010


Nettles (minus flowers) make an excellent liquid feed, almost as good as comfrey.

Connor spray weedkiller onto the soil is not a good idea as it will remain there. This means when you plant you precious plant it will get killed by the weedkiller. That is why roundup is actually not such a bad thing, unless you grow organically as we do, because if decomposes on contact with the soil.

25 Apr, 2010


connor....weedkiller??? no,no,no,no,know.

25 Apr, 2010


stinging nettles good for tea, soup plus the butterflies love them

25 Apr, 2010


nettle tea is also good for headaches

25 Apr, 2010


anybody know anything that can help with ME or MS? :(

27 Apr, 2010

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