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what can i do in a small garden



One idea is a Japanese style garden which works very well with small spaces. There are a lot of questions to ask before your question can be answered. What type of gardens do you like eg exotic/tropical looking, traditional cottage garden, mediterranean, wildlife, or a garden with lots of seasonal flowers all the way through from spring to late summer. Then what do you want to do with your garden eg grow vegetables, sit in it, walk round it ie paths and beds with lots of planting, or do you want a lawn area? I am a great fan of ponds, and you can usually fit one in the smallest garden. Also the soil type and aspect of your garden will dictate what plants will grow there successfully. What sort of time do you have to devote to your garden also? Some gardens are more time consuming than others to maintain.

There are a lot of books on garden design in the bookshops which will give you some ideas- you can look inside some garden design books in the amazon website without even going near a bookshop, and there are a lot of photos on this site to browse through which show you what members on here have done with theirs.

Good Luck with it, it is exciting to have a blank canvas.

24 Apr, 2010


Swing a small cat? Sorry, couldn't help myself ;-)

If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see an alphabet. Click on S and then click on Small Garden Ideas and hey presto, lots of ideas for you!!

24 Apr, 2010


I have a patch of garden outside mmy flat which is about 2metres by 50cm, and it is packed with colour.

Just think about what plants you want, and think about the space you need and have.

A lot can be done, even in a small garden or patch of land.

25 Apr, 2010

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