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By Sarinos

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Recently these have grown all over my garden, when you knock them "dust" (i know it's not really dust but i don't actually know what it is) comes off them. I have seen them all over the place. Can anybody tell me what they are?




It is a form of Horesetail and not welcome news, I am sorry to say. If they are in the lawn then they can be mowed but are still likely to spread. They like damp ground so improved drainage might help.

24 Apr, 2010


Thanks very much for replying so quickly! The photo taken isn't actually from my garden,, it is taken on some wasteland near me, and my friend has loads in his garden too, but they are exactly the same, my garden is only a glorified patch about 3m x 1m so unfortunately mowing isn't an option. Can you tell me do they actually cause any damage, will they be detrimental to other plants (apart from hiding my tulips)? I have tried looking them up, is it right their name is Equisetum Arvense? I have found quite a bit of info on these but none that really answer my question, so it would be great if you could help.
Thanks again!

24 Apr, 2010


I don't know a lot about them, Sarinos, but we have a small area of our own garden infested by a green form. It is suggested that breaking the hollow stem and injecting Roundup into the tube will eventually kill them but seems to be a long, tedious job given the number of stems! The stems go down quite deeply into the soil and they spread by rhizomes, and seed as you noted the pollen. I just pull off as much of the tops as I can during the summer.
I have looked on Wiki and see that Equisetum arvense has many herbal uses but the illustrations show a green plant, so I wouldn't recommend trying to eat it!!!! Yours will be a different species of Equisetum.

24 Apr, 2010



24 Apr, 2010

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