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By Sooby

Flintshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a problem with one of my borders. The house behind removed a whole hedge of lilac, holly, hawthorn along their side of the fence. Then they paved the yard - with a very steep slope downwards to my garden. Have asked them to put a "sill" on their side to stop the water leaching into my garden and all over my patio - they've moved out! Can I do anything on my side?
I can't afford to pay anyone, so will do it myself!



could you build a rockery your side as i guess laying bricks or concrete blocks isnt possible .you could lay concrete heavy blocks on there side a couple high and build a rockery and the water should run fairly safley away.a photo would be much better.

24 Apr, 2010


Sounds like you need a gully to direct the water elsewhere - you can form one out of concrete, but this only works if you can direct it somewhere harmless in your own garden, as they're higher than you are. Bit cheeky of them, I must say - if the house has been sold, you could raise it as an issue with the new owners. Only other option is to build a small wall, but the water would then only build up behind it, surely.

24 Apr, 2010


I'd go with Bamboo's idea of building a wall and let the neighbour deal with the problem of water sitting on their paving. NP in general rockery plants do not like a lot of water neither are they really going to be happy being planted on top of concrete blocks. Sounds like you have a challenge Sooby.

24 Apr, 2010


If your neighbours have not actually sold their house I would raise heaven and high water to stop them doing so till they've sorted it out. In particular I would lodge a formal complaint with them as they are meant to mention disputes with neighbour. This is completely unfair of them.

I think your best bet is not a concrete gully which would just redirect the water but not get rid of it. Instead try a french drain - what I mean by that is a channel dug in the ground that is then back -filled with gravel. If at all possible you want to give the channel a very slight slope so that it doesnt just fill up with water in the winter but nor does it just dump it on some one elses garden.

Another option might be to create a raised hedge on your side like they have in Cornwall, this would cause the water to back up on the other side of the raise and allow the new hedge to take up much of the water - particularly in the summer storms we get.

Both are really tough options though. What a meanie!

24 Apr, 2010


i didnt mean a quite litteral rockery but as the lady hasnt the money concrete blocks are quite cheep.the lime leeches out of them amazingly quickly if it hasnt can lay them on there sides with know need for cement as they weigh 37 pounds each and if you like have a raised bed your side with some nice big rocks .if the border was wide enough you wouldnt see the blocks and they wouldnt bother the plants.i cant think of a cheeper easier way myself.sussex has the right kind of idea i believe.

24 Apr, 2010


Some councils now require planning permission for new patios and drives because of 'runoff and the risk of flash flooding? Contact your local council or CAB as you may well get their support???

24 Apr, 2010


you are so right drc as they have caused some nasty flooding.thats another reasen not to cement the heavy blocks together . you could even leave some gaps between each black and at the same time the nieghbers rain would water your raised bed rather than flood.

24 Apr, 2010

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